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Innovations Group

We are committed to making a difference by providing eco-friendly and long-lasting surface protection for various materials, including glass, solar panels, stone, concrete, wood, metal, textile fabrics, tiles, stucco, block walls, motor vehicles, boats, electrical devices, and equipment.

Our main range of coatings, has the potential to make a significant impact in private, domestic, and commercial applications. For example, our advanced antimicrobial coating designed for multiple surfaces and antibacterial coating for fabrics, creating a protective layer that acts as a barrier against pathogens. Scientifically tested and approved to meet ISO 21702:2019 criteria.

Unlike regular disinfectants that are only effective at killing bacteria upon application, nano coatings are engineered to continually destroy bacteria, germs, and viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, that come into contact with the treated surface. By bonding at a molecular level with the fibers of any fabric or surface, nano protective layer creates a long-lasting firewall that constantly combats new contamination, utilizing millions of nano swords to eradicate bacteria and viruses.


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