Antibacterial 365 Coating


Protection Solution

One Application = 365 days of protection

Nanotech Innovations Group specialises in sales and implementation of the widest range of protective nano coatings currently available on the market in Australia. These protective coatings repel liquids and does not allow dirt and other environment pollutants to adhere to the surface.  This lowers maintenance costs and improves durability.

Nano protective coatings are used since 2012. We are happy to service many markets from construction, industrial, infrastructure, automotive, to home and more. Our specialised coatings are all engineered for different materials ensuring that they not only offer the best protection but are also optimised to provide long lasting protection. The range is vast, protecting and adding value to glass, metal, stone, timber, fabrics and textiles and even electrical and electronic devices and equipment.

We strive to make a difference for businesses that want to reduce their maintenance cost by offering protective coatings to make all types of surfaces much easier to clean and provide long-lasting protection from the weather, environmental pollution, and man-made damage.

Fabric Coating

Antibacterial 365 Fabric Coating

Until now, Nanotech Products has specialised in the manipulation of the nanostructures to form surface coatings and sealants that are superhydrophobic. We are happy to introduce innovative 365 fabric coating whose primary function is to destroy germs and bacteria.

Long lasting Antibacterial 365 Fabric Coating can be applied to any fabric or textile surface. After an easy single application, it continues to destroy bacteria and germs 24/7 for 365 days. This innovative fabric coating physically and molecularly bonds with the material that it is applied to. It becomes intrinsic to that material providing it with long lasting protection. The nano particles are engineered in such a way that can be best described as providing a surface layer of “swords”. This layer of swords both ruptures and electrocutes bacteria and germs reducing their ability to spread to other surfaces and hosts. 

Typical disinfectant and surface / steam cleaners work by chemically dissolving bacteria and germs,  destroying their protein structure and  rendering them inert. The problem with this method of bacteria control germs can be deposited back onto the cleaned surface almost immediately with the just completed cleaning having no residual effect.

Antibacterial 365 overcomes this inherent shortcoming in traditional cleaning practices. This fabric coating works completely differently to disinfectants, bleach, and other cleaning products. Utilising the power of nanotechnology.

The big advance in this coating as compared with traditional disinfectants is its longevity. It molecularly bonds with the treated fabric creating an ongoing and continuous bacterium and germ-killing field that last for 12 months. It kills 99% of bacteria within 30 minutes of contact climbing to 99.99% within three hours making it one of the most effective surface protections against bacteria and germs available.

Long lasting, 12 month protection per application Engineered to attack germs and bacteria on contact. This durable and easy spray and wipe one coat application that won’t degrade due to sunlight is completely invisible to the human eye. Does not alter the look or feel of the fabric. No harsh chemicals involved, environmentally friendly. Highly recommended for use at homes, workplaces, hospitals, aged care facilities, schools, universities, day care facilities. Transport including trains, buses, trams, ferries and any other public buildings and spaces will profit in applying this product greatly.



Application may differ depending on the material involved. In all cases, please ensure that the surface is clean and dry. If possible (not essential) fabric should be steam cleaned, but as a minimum should, be thoroughly vacuumed before applying. Spray evenly over the entire surface from about 30cm until it looks slightly damp. For leather and vinyl, please then wipe with a cloth to ensure a good even coverage.

For carpets only, gently rub the coating into the fibres using a brush or squeegee. Then after 5 minutes apply a second coating.

If applying commercially or to very large areas, we recommend using an Electrostatic Sprayer for application. Please contact us for further details about this.

The protective barrier created instantly after the application; however, it takes around 6 hours for coating to set. This is the required curing time during which the surface should remain completely dry and untouched. In cool and high humid environments, the coating may take a little longer to dry.

This barrier is only 150-300 nanometres thick, which is invisible to the human eye. It will not alter the look or feel of any surface.

In liquid form, it is toxic to aquatic life and should not be disposed of into waterways or sewage outlets. Do not ingest and keep out of reach of children. Gloves should be worn when applying. Please dispose of plastic containers responsibly. Antibacterial 365 is stable at varying temperatures but is best applied at temperatures above 4°C. These coatings should be stored in a sealed container, away from light, ideally within the temperature range +5 to +25°C. The coating has a shelf life of 2 years under these storage conditions.

Antibacterial 365 Fabric cannot be applied to fabrics that have already been coated with a waterproofing or other surface coating.

Antibacterial 365 to be most effective, normal cleaning should be maintained. Cleaning wipes away dead microbes and other contaminants that can cover the “killing field” of nano swords, diminishing its ability to destroy germs that are deposited on the treated surface.

Antibacterial 365 is a commercial grade disinfectant and is classified as an exempt disinfectant by the TGA.



Physical Characteristics for Antibacterial Hard Surfaces: