Anti Graffiti Protective Coating


Introducing Anti - Graffiti

Anti - Graffiti – Next Generation of the Coating Protection

Anti-Graffiti Non-Porous is a state-of-the-art, high performance, long lasting one coat solution. It is specially formulated to protect nonporous surfaces from the permanent defacing of undesirable graffiti and unwanted markings. Our advanced nanotechnology Anti-Graffiti Non-Porous coating forms a microscopic invisible shield on surfaces, monuments and infrastructure from graffiti vandals.

It makes graffiti removal simple and quick without damaging the surface, painted or otherwise. This nano-barrier repels paints, inks, and other mediums and eliminates the need for costly repainting, repairs and labour-intensive cleaning.

When applied it creates a new, easy to clean surface that prevents the graffiti from ever touching the protected surface underneath. This long-lasting barrier between the substrate and graffiti allows the continued removal of graffiti without damage to underlying paint, or the substrate itself. The invisible finish is abrasion resistant and will not yellow with age or alter the look of the surface to be protected. 

This new generation coating is highly resistant to most types of aerosol spray paint and permanent markers, as well as dirt, chewing gum, oil, soot and pollution. Unlike other anti-graffiti coatings that erode away after a few cleanings, Anti-Graffiti Non-Porous allows graffiti to be removed numerous times without reapplication. It is eco-friendly as it eliminates the need for harsh environmentally damaging chemical graffiti removers. In addition, coated surfaces become hydrophobic and easy clean / self-cleaning to normal environmental contaminants, increasing the life of the coated item.

We offer a cost effective solution for contractors, councils, building managers and property owners in controlling and eliminating graffiti. A simple rinse washes away graffiti and as a result public and private spaces retained clean, professional and welcoming.

Applied correctly  Anti Graffiti Non Porous coat will remain effective for approximately 7 to 10 years. However, it’s continued effectiveness is determined by the method and number of graffiti removals from the surface. In order to maintain the integrity of this AG surface coating it is imperative to remove graffiti in accordance with the TDS. The use of other methods such as water-blasting and use of other chemical removers will have an adverse effect on the coating and possibly the substrate material.  This will diminish the AG coating’s continued effectiveness. In addition, repeated removals from the same area will also diminish the effective life of the AG coating.  Where it becomes apparent that the coating is becoming ineffective and hard to clean, we strongly suggest re-coating the area with another application of  Anti Graffiti.



Spraying is the preferred method of application. It produces the best result once cured.  Application by Roller. Use a small roller for best result. Apply a thin strip of product on the roller and apply to the surface. Do not inundate the roller as this will result in runs and may be difficult to obtain an even surface.

Do not apply to a wet/damp surface and make sure that the coating remains dry for at least 4 hours post application. On contact with a damp substrate surface, Anti-Graffiti Non-Porous reacts prematurely and cannot form a permanent seal. The substrate temperature must be between + 5°C and + 30 °C and relative humidity at 30 %-80 %. Anti-Graffiti Non-Porous will not adhere to a surface with oil, grease, silicone, wax or fluorination present.

It is important to remove surface contaminants using a sodium hydroxide-based cleaner. Solvents like acetone and paint thinner are also effective at removing surface contaminants.

Remove all dirt, dust and unwanted marks from the surface before applying. Be careful working around other trades when applying. Dirt and sawdust will ruin the finish of the coating and is very hard to remove. Do not apply in windy conditions.  We recommend the AG be applied in most cases at the end of the project. Please wear full PPE when using this product, ie gloves and goggles and ensure you have good ventilation.

A respiratory mask should be used when working indoors or in confined spaces. Be careful when opening containers as they may be pressurised and contain gases/fumes. Keep the lid on containers at all times and do not re-cycle used product back into the container. Use clean brushes and equipment at all times to avoid contamination and for ease of application.

We also have a different type of AG coating for porous materials like brick, concrete, unglased tiles, sandstone, bluestone, timber, compressed cement sheeting and mod wood.


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