Anti Rust + Corrosion Protective Coating

Rust impacts the structural integrity of the building

Introducing Anti-Rust

Innovative protection coating

It is a completely transparent,ultra-thin, ready-to-use solution that protects ferrous metal surfaces against rust, dirt, weathering, corrosion and tea staining. This environmentally friendly anti rust and corrosion protection is obtained by using a polysilazane nanotechnology method. This high-performance, revolutionised binder can be used even to prevent the adhesion of marine bacteria on metal surfaces. Anti-Rust + Corrosion forms a long-lasting barrier that intrinsically bonds with the substrate and cures at room temperature with atmospheric humidity. It does this as polysinazanes get crosslinked by humid air through hydrolysis and condensation reactions to form an optimum protective layer, anti rusting coating, that reduces maintenance needs. The savings don’t stop there. Repairs and downtime procedures are also reduced drastically.

No special application booths are required. A surface protected with Anti-Rust + Corrosion can be cleaned repeatedly without reapplying the product.

The average usage rate using the recommended HVLP spray gun is 15ml per m2. If applying by paint brush, usage rates will be higher.  Usage rates are less using a cloth or pad application.

IMPORTANT: Avoid applying excessive amounts of the coating and do not apply multiple coats. Anti-Rust + Corrosion is a single coat application.


Features & Benefits:


Rust impacts the structural integrity of the building

The 80-storey landmark Queensland Number One, super tall skyscraper steel building on the Gold Coast, Q1 is the tallest residential building in Australia, and the 3rd tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Only 6 years after it’s completion, Q1 is allegedly riddled with corrosion.

It was also alleged that the steel structure’s protective coating was not applied correctly. The maintenance of this building is immeasurable. The body corporate is suing Queensland developer Sunland Group on behalf of the owners of the tower’s 526 apartments for millions of dollars worth of repairs, the Brisbane Times reported on 29/04/2011.

The paper says a couple of years ago reports emerged the tower was falling into a state of disrepair, including paint peeling from steel beams, leaving them exposed and rusting.

Sunland has played down the allegations, saying the matter does not impact the structural integrity of the building

Nanotechnology is here!

Marine, Engineering, Mining Industries are excited to use latest, effective ways to prevent and control corrosion. By applying coatings to parts that are most susceptible to corrosion. Nanotechnology transforming the way liquids and contaminants interact with any material and various surfaces. Corrosion inhibitors save the Marine industry, Mining industry and Engineering industries billions of dollars in equipment damage each year.